Barn Owl

(Tyto alba)

Example 1

Date: 14 may 2001
Origin: Feathers of a dead individual. Cause of dead: stucked with one leg between two roofplates
Location: Vuiloverslag Schiermonnikoog, NL
Age and sex:
Feathers: Rightwingfeathers | Tailfeathers | Alula

Example 2

Date: februari 1991
Origin: Wintervictim
Location: Noord-Holland, NL
Age and sex:  
Feathers: Tailfeathers

Example 3

Date: 2 may 2004
Origin: Trafficvictim
Location: Camargue, France
Age and sex: Adult 
Feathers: Dead bird | Rightwingfeathers | Tailfeathers | Alula

Example 4

Date: november 2005
Origin: Colissionvictim
Location: Bronsbergen, Zutphen, NL
Age and sex: Second year
Feathers: Rightwingfeathers |Tailfeathers | Alula | Leftwing

Example 5

Date: August 1995
Location: Bou-Salem, Tunesia
Age and sex:  
Feathers: Rightwingfeathers | Leftwingfeathers