(Turdus iliacus)

Example 1

Date: 29 march 1994
Origin: Trafficvictim
Location: Diepenveen, NL
Age and sex:
Feathers: Leftwing (Primaries and secundaries) | Tailfeathers

Example 2

Date: 10 october 2001
Origin: Prey of Sparrowhawk (Accipiter nisus)
Location: Falsterbo, Sweden
Age and sex: Adult
Feathers: Leftwing (Primaries and secundaries) | Greater primary coverts | Alula-feathers | Tailfeathers | Flankfeathers

Example 3

Date: 4 february 1985
Origin: Wintervictim
Location: Vanenburghstraat, Wageningen, NL
Age and sex:  
Feathers: Tailfeathers

Example 4

Date: 4 november 1990
Origin: Prey of raptor
Location: Duursche Waarden, Wijhe-Olst, NL
Age and sex: Juvenile, first kj, 
Feathers: Tailfeathers