(Gallinula chloropus)

Example 1

Date: 5 April 2000
Origin: Prey of Goshawk (Accipiter gentilis)
Location: Noord-Hollands Duinreservaat, NL
Age and sex: Adult
Feathers: Rightwing (Primaries and secundaries) | Some tailfeathers | One tailfeather, underside | Primary coverts | Undertail coverts

Example 2

Date: 10 februari 1991
Origin: Wintervictim
Location: Dishoek, Walcheren, Zeeland, NLNoord-Hollands Duinreservaat, NL
Age and sex: First winter
Feathers: Tailfeathers

Example 3

Date: march 1991
Location: Pekelingseweg, Aagtekerke, Walcheren, Zeeland, NL
Age and sex: Adult
Feathers: Tailfeathers

Example 4

Date: 20 december 2002
Origin: Trafficvictim 
Location: Emmerikseweg, Zutphen, NL
Age and sex: Juvenile
Feathers: Rightwing (Primaries & secundaries) | Alula | Greater primary coverts | Greater coverts | Tailfeathers | Undertail-coverts