(Falco subbuteo)

Example 1

Date: 7 june 2000
Origin: Prey of Goshawk
Location: Bergen, NL
Age and sex:
Feathers: Rightwing (primaries and secundaries) | 11 tailfeathers | 6 greater primary coverts

Example 2

Date: 18 may 1993
Origin: Window-collision
Location: Renesse, Schouwen-Duiveland, NL
Age and sex: Second kj, moulting from juvenile to adult
Feathers: Tailfeathers

Example 3

Date: 29 may 2003
Origin: Train-victim (The bird was stucked on the front of the train)
Location: Rotterdam Central Station, NL
Age and sex: Adult
Feathers: Rightwing (upperside) | Rightwing (underside) | Leftwing (Primaries and secundaries) | Greater primary coverts | Alula | Greater under primary coverts | Median under primary coverts | Tighfeathers | Breastfeathers