European Nightjar

(Caprimulgus europaeus)

Example 1

Date: 14 may 1990
Location: Karacgocher, Çukurova delta Turkye
Age and sex: Female
Feathers: Tailfeathers

Example 2

Date: 3 august 2002
Origin: Trafficvictim, death for a couple of days, found by Hans Remmen.
Location: Rivermont, France
Age and sex: Female?
Feathers: 2 Tailfeathers, 1 secundary and 3 primaries

Example 3

Date: 10 july 2005
Origin: Trafficvictim, found by Albert Hidding.
Location: Boswachterij Gees, Drenthe, NL
Age and sex: Juvenile
Feathers: Dead bird | 3 Rightwingprimaries | 3 Tailfeathers