Short-eared Owl

(Asio flammeus)

Example 1

Date: 28 june 2001
Origin: Moultfeather
Location: Kobbeduinen, Schiermonnikoog, NL
Age and sex: Adult
Feathers: Rightwing (primary)

Example 2

Origin: Collection B. Veenstra
Age and sex:
Feathers: Tailfeathers | Upper-tail coverts

Example 3

Date: 1988
Origin: Found dead (Collection Juan Aragonés, member of the Zoology Department. University of Córdoba) .
Location: Spain
Age and sex:
Feathers: 2 Tailfeathers | 3 Flankfeathers

Example 4

Date: 2002
Location: Friesland, NL
Age and sex:
Feathers: Rightwingfeathers