(Anas crecca)

Example 1

Date: 5 april 2001
Origin: Prey of Peregrine
Location: Oosterkwelder, Schiermonnikoog, NL
Age and sex:  
Feathers: Leftwing (9 primaries and 1 secundary) | Leftwing (Greater Primary coverts)

Example 2

Date: februari 1991
Origin: Wintervictim
Location: Zeeland, NL
Age and sex: Female
Feathers: Tailfeathers

Example 3

Date: 1993
Origin: Found dead (Collection Juan Aragonés, member of the Zoology Department. University of Córdoba)
Location: Villafranca, Córdoba, ES
Age and sex:  
Feathers: Rightwing secundaries | Greater Coverts