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Example 1

Date: May 2000
Origin: Pictures received from Quentin Lemouland; His course of death is a road accident.
Location: It's found at "Maison Blanche" SAINT GREGOIRE (about 3km north from RENNES).
Age and sex:
Feathers: Upperside | Underside

Example 2

Date: Februari 1991
Location: Noord-Holland, NL
Age and sex:  
Feathers: Tailfeathers

Example 3

Date: Februari 1994
Origin: Windowcollission against pane of bus shelter 
Location: Middelburg, NL
Age and sex:  
Feathers: Tailfeathers

Example 4

Date: 1991
Origin: Trafficvictim (Collection Juan Aragonés, member of the Zoology Department. University of Córdoba)
Location: Villafranca, Córdoba, ES
Age and sex: Adult male 
Feathers: 2 Primaries | 3 Tailfeathers

Example 5

Age and sex:  
Feathers: Rightwing (primaries & secundaries) | Tailfeathers | Rumpfeathers | Undertail-coverts