(Accipiter gentilis)

Example 1

Date: 1993
Origin: Moultfeathers
Location: Lentsche Veen, NL
Age and sex: Female
Feathers: Leftwing (2 primaries and secundary (topside) | Leftwing (2 primaries and secundary (bottomside) | Rightwing (2 primaries)

Example 2

Date: 31 august 1986
Origin: Bird with broken wing, probably victim of barbed wire
Location: Oeffeltse Weiden, Beugen, N-B, NL
Age and sex: Male, juvenile
Feathers: Tailfeathers

Example 3

Date: 1991
Origin: Successively (T, S7, P4, P10); powerline-collision and (P10, P4, S7, T); traffic-victim (collection Juan  Aragonés, member of the Zoology Department. University of Córdoba)
Location: Successively (Hornachuelos, Córdoba, Es.) and (Villafranca, Córdobe, Es.)
Age and sex: Successively (First year bird) and (Adult)
Feathers: Wingfeathers